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  Tim VanDyke: Topographies Drawn with a Divine Chain of Birds

  Moose Jackson:  The Loup Garou: A Lunar Cycle

  Jake Berry and Jeffrey Side:  Cyclones in HIgh Northern Latitudes

  Hank Lazer:  Portions

  Jesse Loren:  Screamin' Mimi

  Thaddeus Conti:  aepoetics

  Joel Dailey:  
    My Psychic Dogs My Life

  Brad Elliot:  +love

  Dave Brinks:  The Caveat Onus

  Frank Sherlock & Brett Evans:
    Ready to Eat

  Megan Burns:
     memorial + Sight Lines

  Marthe Reed: Tender Box

  Randy Prunty: Fish Log

  NOLAFugees: Year Zero

  Hank Lazer:  Days

  Richard Martin: Boink

  Joel Dailey: Lower 48


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  Andy Young

  Dave Brinks

  Joy Lahey

  Camille Martin

  Alex Rawls

  Vincent Farnsworth

  Andy di Michele


Books by Bill Lavender:

  transfixion (Garret County /
    Trembling Pillow)

  I of the Storm (Trembling Pillow)

  31 Poems (Lavender Ink Chap)

  Another South (Alabama UP)

  While Sleeping (Chax)

  look the universe is dreaming

      (Potes and Poets)

  Guest Chain (Video Press)

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Cyclones in High

Northern Latitudes


A collaborative poem by Jake Berry and Jeffrey Side, with drawings and cover art by Rich Curtis.












Her dignity

could not be effaced

by the quality

of her clothes.

I knew this

back near the border

when I was not satisfied.

I recommend highly

a new approach

to the situation.

Such was the time

spent together.

What could I offer her

that would not

betray her?

Money was cold comfort,

bleak as the weather.

There would be

half a smile

and polite rejection

and words

beneath her breath

in a language Portions

not spoken since

a time

before words

were written.

All this

I tell you now.

A time

there was

when such

could not be broached.

Not even

by those

whose position

it was to assist.

Why do I

go on this way?

Cyclones in High Northern Latitudes
ISBN: 978-1935084082
Paper- $10.00

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